Why Is There a Need to Attend a Tech Event?

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The Year 2019 witnessed a number of tech events that are indeed memorable. Whomever you are, and by whomever I mean whomever; whether technology-oriented or non-tech interested people must attend any emerging, upcoming tech event in 2020.

So, let’s list down the reason to motivate you to attend a tech event.

1. Networking

Moving out of your comfort zone is a bit resisted by yourself because you got used to that. However, meeting new people can help you get to know things you never knew they do exist!

Also, you will have the opportunity to gain new insights about your field of work, company, or startup and get to know what is modern in technology. Such events bring information on a “golden” plate for their attendees and participants, and getting the chance to meet up with other experts can heavily have an impact on yourself as an individual or as a group.

“Your network is your net worth.”

- Porter Gale

Besides, you may find a potential job opportunity or even a talented person who can elevate your company’s position. Tech events always grab the attention of new investors and capitalists who want to hire the best out of the best which is a win-win situation for both sides. Attending such events can secure your startup funding if you have one.

Take, for instance, this Thailand-based property startup, which raised bridge funding rounds at Echelon in 2015. There is also Advvy, an Australian startup that successfully met with 26 investors at Echelon in 2016.

Every new person you meet is a door to an entirely new world. Even a small conference can completely alter your perspective, which in tech events are the best examples of what expanding your network can have a noteworthy value in the short and long run.

Discovering innovative products and services for your business is necessary to stay competitive in today’s fast-paced world. Also, these vendors who sell to your industry fully know what is happening inside your competition. Invest time with the sponsors at the event and turn them into your friends and allies.

2. Gain Expertise

Tech events always gather the elite, and you probably or could be one of them. In such places, you get to share ideas, talk about your favorite technology and see insights from others about different, new stuff in the market that can help you raise your proficiency.

If you are that active and vibrant in what you do, then the stage is all yours because many people are seeing you and now your impact can reach out to a much bigger audience, which in turn results in you developing a reputation as an expert to your peers and your clients.

“An expert is a man who has made all the mistakes which can be made, in a narrow field.”

- Niels Bohr

From the business side, you have the prospect of showcasing your works and projects as well as capturing some obscure ideas of what the market is looking like, which leads us to our next point.

3. Staying in The Top Notch

Simply, you get to ponder what is around you and how your skills do actually matter and that they can create enormous alterations.

After the event, you get back to your work, company, bed 😅, but the perspectives you took from the event are still with you. You are now in the position of turning these acumens into productive manners and behaviors.

The more tech-related events you go to, the richer your thoughts get and the better you visualize what “TOP NOTCH” is.

“There is little difference in people, but that little difference makes a big difference. The little difference is the attitude. The big difference is whether it is positive or negative.”

- William Clement Stone

The field of technology is bombarding and having such tech events is a blessing due to the vitality and value they withhold. Attending an event will definitely make a difference in you as an individual and promote you as a company while on the other hand promise a huge lift-up for startups.

With the latest news of tech events being postponed, it's better to avoid attending any kind of huge number of gatherings. Stay safe and let's give the fear of the doubt to ourselves by following all the procedures.

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